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A new ally on your journey to live a carbon neutral life

Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of climate change across the globe. The world needs to greatly reduce emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But what can everyday people and businesses do to help save the planet?

Introducing Be Neutral Now, an organization focused on confronting global climate change and its impact on our planet. Our mission is simple, making it easy for everyday people and businesses to purchase carbon offset credits. By subscribing to our carbon offset services, you will be investing in carbon reducing projects based in the United States. These projects include solar, wind, hydroelectricity, reforestation, and much more. We choose projects that are specifically aimed at reducing the emissions from fossil fuels. Carbon offsets help fund the development and operation of these projects. We buy the carbon offsets on your behalf and remove them from the market so they cannot be traded or resold. By removing them, we ensure that the reductions are permanent.

Climate change can be overwhelming and the science behind it can be complex. We are all responsible for climate change and we can do our part to help the planet. Our personal carbon offset plans take the guess work out of the equation and let you offset your day-to-day life without making drastic changes. One person can make a big impact with our plans. Your individual subscription will be combined with other people like you and likeminded business to significantly increase the impact we can make to our environment.

We can also help your business to become a greener place to work. Businesses can become community partners and offset their carbon emissions with Be Neutral Now. We can customize a carbon offset plan to help your business reduce and even eliminate its net carbon footprint. You will be able to tell your customers that you are “Living Neutral Now” and doing your part to help the environment!

Winning the fight against climate change will require the attention and work of the entire global community to reduce and destroy greenhouse gases as much as possible. When people and businesses invest in clean energy it spurs innovation. It is this innovation that will shape the future of sustainable living.

Join the fight and subscribe to one of our carbon offset credit plans today!