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What’s the Difference Between Carbon Neutral, Net-Zero, and Carbon Positive?

Words like “carbon neutral”, “net-zero” and “carbon positive” have been floating around in mainstream conversations for years. You can help prevent climate change in your workplace and in your home. Instead of being overwhelmed with the sheer immensity of climate change, start by doing the little things to limit your footprint.

How Large Is Your Carbon Footprint, and How Can You Reduce It?

Sometimes climate change may feel too big of a concept to wrap your mind around, let alone come up with solutions to tackle it in your own life. Yet, if you take a second to examine your own life, and start to make minor changes to your lifestyle, then you can make an active step towards fighting climate change.

The Benefits of Carbon Offset Credits

Take a definitive step towards reducing your carbon footprint by becoming a member at Be Neutral Now. And by doing so, you’ll become part of a movement sweeping the United States and the world which aims at creating a better planet than the one we inherited from our parents.

Miniature Forests Combat Climate Change

Everyone knows that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are rising, increasing temperatures worldwide. One way to take carbon dioxide out of the air is to plant more trees.

A new ally on your journey to live a carbon neutral life

Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of climate change across the globe. The world needs to greatly reduce emissions to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But what can everyday people and businesses do to help save the planet?